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First Nations Forestry Training

590 Rupertsland Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2V 0H4

Phone: 204-963-2209

Workshops & Seminars Basics of Sawmilling & Adding Value to Your Trees

First Nations Forestry Training provides a variety of forestry and tree-related educational seminars and certification services.


Ken Fosty, professional instructor, is a fully licensed and insured Certified Manitoba Arborist with over 35 years of professional experience in the forestry field.





For those beginners interested in operating a sawmill and adding value through proper sawing and handling of lumber. Ken Fosty provides this multi-media presentation combined with instructional videos and hands-on props. Seminars are all- inclusive. All of the materials, props, equipment and handout materials are supplied. The course outlines:
• Wood properties and uses
• Lumber defects
• Knots and insect damage
• Band saws, circular saws, and chainsaw sawmills
• Proper lumber stacking
• Air drying & kiln drying
• Lumber stickering
• Edging and end coating An excellent introductory course for those interested in the basics of sawmilling and adding value to your trees. Certificates of Achievements are awarded to all participants. Tree Planters Seminar for Employment (Let's Get Planting!)

Participants in this workshop will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to gain employment as a tree planter.

This seminar is customized for seedling planting on cutover reforestation sites.


This workshop has a classroom session and an outdoor field session. The afternoon outdoor session requires that participants plant numerous seedlings in an outdoor environment. In-class time includes hands-on training and educational videos are used to reinforce proper tree planting methods. Topics include:

• Site preparation

• Common seedling planting errors

• Proper seedling planting techniques

• Snow caching seedlings

• Fundamentals of forest regeneration

• Equipment and tools needed

• First aid in the bush, etc.


Spruce seedlings and planting shovels are provided as well as all materials, props and equipments needed for this all-inclusive seminar. Certificates of Achievement are awarded to each participant.



Non-Timber Forest Products (Seeing the Forest Beneath the Trees)

Non-Timber Forest Products can provide opportunities for First Nations’ members to diversify and supplement their income.


This seminar includes an outdoor session in the forest collecting branches followed by an indoor classroom session. (Seminars are all-inclusive, with all the materials, props, equipment and handouts provided by the instructor.) With audio visual presentations to enhance the workshop on non-timber forest products, wild crafting ideas to be discussed include:


• Wild mushrooms and berries

• Manitoba Maple and White Birch syrup

• Diamond willow/tamarack walking sticks and coat hangers

• Salves

• Candle holders

• Craft materials and decoratives

• Medicinal herbs and teas

• How to use a wreath-making machine





Participants will make their own wreaths to take home after the seminar. Certificates of Achievement are awarded to participants.


Forest Walk & Talk - Forest Discovery

Participants in this hands-on forest discovery activity will learn to understand the boreal forest ecosystems, functions and natural resources. Forest environment education in natural resources and sustainable development are explored.


Ken leads a forest walk-n-talk through the woods teaching participants about their surroundings.  Topics include:

• Distinguishing white and black spruce, jack pine, tamarack and other boreal forest trees

• Identifying berry-producing shrubs such as chokecherries, pincherries, raspberries, etc.

• Recognizing edible mushrooms and herbal plants that can be used for teas

• Forest health concerns, including insects and diseases

• Wildlife habitat

• Forest biodiversity

• Forestry terms such as conifers, deciduous trees, natural seedling regeneration, etc.


Always a favorite seminar, Ken has led this tour for many years with a variety of groups including the Junior Rangers. A hands-on learning experience for all ages!


Other Services

The sap is flowing! Do you have Manitoba Maple or White Birch trees on your property? Learn how to sustainably make your own maple syrup!


At Manitoba Maple Syrup Services, Ken Fosty (Certified Arborist) provides workshops for those interested in learning about and exploring maple and birch syrup management and production.


At Chainsaw Safety Manitoba we supply chainsaw safety training and certification to meet your needs.


Our 2-day Chainsaw Safety and Maintenance Course is designed for those who require employment certification or for those who would like more confidence when using their chainsaw for personal use.




To find out more, contact Ken Fosty at:




First Nations Forestry Training

590 Rupertsland Avenue

Winnipeg, MB  R2V 0H4

Phone: 1 204-963-2209





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